Gibson Hill Music is now expanding our facilities to include a recording Studio for Gospel Recording Artists. At Gibson Hill Studios we feature a 32 channel behringer board with 16 track capabilities through two Fostex d-80 digital multi-track (with seven hours of hard drive space), a 15 band behringer EQ which has midi and special effects which will enhance any recording. An Alesis microverb 3 (16 bit digital with 256 processes) A Sony digital CD recorder which will turn out a reusable Master recording for duplication.


So if your group (or if you are a soloist) is getting ready to record, whether it is with soundtracks or you need studio quality musicians, we can put together a project to meet your recording needs. Everything from a three song demo with just one voice and one instrument, to a full featured session with as many musicians (background vocals available also) and instruments as you would possibly need, or if you have your own musicians that is fine too.

 Many packages are available and we will help design your recording, distribution, and promotion deal around your special, personal and financial needs. We are currently working with 35 music store outlets and 100 full and part time radio stations whose format features southern, bluegrass, country, and contemporary styles of Gospel Music!

 Also we can do your next Video (DVD) project from a short 30 minute to a full length 2 hour program (Fully Digital). We are currently piecing together an array of different props to use. As with the CD projects we can record with Soundtracks (karaoke style) or with your own musicians (or our studio musicians that will work with you on a professional level). e-mail

 We are running a starter special 10 songs recorded from your own soundtracks, with 5 hours studio time (including mix down time) which includes your master (if you have cassette tapes (soundtracks) that need to be transferred over onto CD and this is your wish, that will be extra) only $750.00 for 100 CDs and includes artwork with slimline cases (full-size jewel cases are extra).

On October 26th the Wayne County Chapter of the A.C.M.A. will host this years Songwriter's Workshop details as follows...


“Do you write poetry in your spare time? Are you an aspiring songwriter?”

  Gibson Hill Music is offering this great songwriter’s workshop to all those who want to be able to write songs (gospel songs in particular) A ten week course focusing on eight subjects of vital interest to all songwriter’s

    The music business is very competitive, so you need this great source of information.

You will learn to break into “the business” of songwriting, by a qualified Nashville Songwriter.

  You will learn how to:

1) Write a marketable song (a potential hit song)

2) All about copyrights

3) Demo services (getting your songs recorded)

4) Producer’s

5) Publishing and distribution

6) Song contracts

7) How to avoid the song shark

      8) How to market or “plug” your song (to showcase your tunes as they say in Nashville)

  All this information plus+ a complete list of names and addresses of publishers, producers and 100 radio stations from all over the country whose format is gospel music; remember it all starts with a song, so register now for this educational workshop.

E-mail us at or simply call (606) 307-5451

  Some songwriter’s may think their efforts end with writing the song. Or they believe that by signing a record contract, or a publishing contract, they’re home free Waiting for the royalty checks to start rolling in. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Every step along the way to a successful record takes a team effort, and the songwriter needs to be a knowledgeable member of the team. Others know that it is necessary to go on to get their song(s) recorded, published, copy written, listed, distributed, (marketed) promoted, and in the media, through, radio, television, and now over the Internet.

   Like all artists, songwriters are vulnerable and sensitive. When they create, and when the creative phase of the work is over, it’s time to do the business end of the music business. Recognizing the need to change gears before entering the business cycle is one of the major ingredients in successful artistic careers. We don’t want to go out there fragile and unprotected and immediately get squashed. For more information on changing gears go to our publishers page. Gibson Hill Music

Gibson Hill Studios has turned out eight projects last year and have publishing agreements with 5 of the Artists. I will start posting music from these Artists soon. So please come on back and check in with us.

 Brother Tim has 5 albums on compact disc to his credit, and I was honored to produce this one "Rain On Me" I believe it will a blessing all who listen.

 Tim Massengale

Tim has just released a project with Gibson Hill Music, recorded at Gibson Hill Studios April 2013 The name of the project is "Rain On Me" and I'm sure it is going to be as much of a blessing as it was to me.

1. Brothers Forever 2. I Call It Home 3. Leaving On My Mind 4. Phone In Heaven 5. Rain On Me 6. Sometimes I Cry 7. Sweet Old Lady 8. You Don't Have To Walk On Water 9. Try Walking On The Water 10. Way Below The Bottom

Brother Tim also has four other projects that are available "I'm A Father Too" "Love Of God" "Baptism" and "Two Little Feet" to order any or all of these please e-mail me and we get them out to you a.s.a.p.

Chuck Gibson

 The Singing Evangelist (Chuck Gibson) Just released a brand new project on the Gibson Hill Label recorded at Gibson Hill Studios. "Will Not Be Defeated" contains 10 songs Brother Chuck says is his favorite songs, some of which he has been singing since he was old enough to sing (sometime around 1963) His prayer is that they also minister to your own special needs. For a complete list of CDs by the Singing Evangelist please go to his web-site.

 1. We've Got The Power 2. We'll Not Be Defeated 3. I'm Still Holding On 4. I Want To Know More 5. Heaven Will Be Worth The Journey 6. Almighty God 7. That Same Spirit
8. Jesus On The Mainline 9. Jesus Is Coming Soon 10. Windows Of My Soul 

Other Industry News from HFA

 Soundcheck is a newsletter from the Harry Fox agency and a copy can be saved to your files to read later, or read it on-line now. HFA collects royalties for mechanical licensing.

  OK, so sorry it has taken me so long to post the winners of this years A.C.M.A. Awards, but Lordy we have been having Campmeeting at my home Church under the big tent! And it has kept me very busy with all the arrangments that need to be made on a daily basis to get ready for one more night of Holy Ghost revival! We have had 12 rededications and 2 filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire! The Lord is changing lives in Monticello, KY!

 Here it is a list of the 2013 winners of our prestigious A.C.M.A. awards...For Soloist of the Year Tim Ellison! of Bean Station, TN. A.C.M.A. Group Of The Year was overwhelmingly taken by The Singing Cupps out of Jelico, TN. A.C.M.A. Male Vocalist of the year is first time nominee Tim Massengale of Monticello, KY. Female vocalist was won by the wife of our Soloist of the year award, Kosha Ellison from Bean Station, TN. For three years running I have won the Musician of the year award, I was kind of hoping that I would have some competition this year, but I got 78% of all the votes counted, and I didn't solicit not a one (I didn't ask people to vote for me.) anyway come-on A.C.M.A. musicians and try to beat me next year OK? Songwriter of the year was a really close one but, the winner is yours truly again for the first time in the 14 years we have had the awards I won this category by a 82% vote and I didn't even stuff the box! (of course my name doesn't start with an O did I say that?) 

Then onto the Song of the year award that category was taken by storm by Tim Massengale of Monticello, KY. Tim worked very hard for it, getting in around 79 votes on paper ballots alone not counting on-line ballots! With a song he recorded just this year "Phone In Heaven" Then came the project of the year which was won by a Father and Son team the National Chaplain for the A.C.M.A. Charlie Gibson and National Chairman Chuck Gibson... for their team effort on "Just Another Hill" Charlie (Chuck's Dad is 79 years old and will be 80 on his birthday in November!) The new awards that were added just last year the Outstanding fan award which goes to the one who is constantly helping to share the A.C.M.A. with everyone they meet and is a avid supporter...and the Dedication and Service Award which is for the one who goes beyond the call of duty to help do whatever is neccesary to get our events up and running (which Ronnie is our Kentucky State Sound Tech). The Oustanding Fan for 2013 is Debbie Philpott and the Dedication and Service Award goes to her husband Ronnie Phipott!

Congratulations to all our winners of the 2013 A.C.M.A. awards and to all who were Nominees this year, just remember if the Lord tarries you still have next year to start now by getting your fan base together, cause you'll need them to win according to the some 346 votes we received this year! God bless the A.C.M.A! 

 Lordy Mercy never really thought I had been so neglectful of this site! I finally realize I have not been here for two years! I am so very sorry for being away so long. I pay for the domain name...I might want to use it Heh?

 Two more years have passed since the last update concerning the "Greatest Little Gospel Music Association In South Central Kentucky" the American Christian Music Association more lovingly known as the A.C.M.A. also we have Social Network that was started back in 2010 and I can't even believe I have not placed a link for it here, but it is over at 

 The 2013 A.C.M.A. Award process is now going on, so if you would like to take part in the voting please proceed to the social Network to vote electronically or else download and print out a paper ballot, Fill it out and send it to The A.C.M.A. P.O. Box 2041 Monticello, KY. 42633

Saturday May 8th 2010 "The A.C.M.A." Presented our annual awards. We appreciate all the nominees that participated in the Singing and awards ceremony. We didn't have a real big crowd but as my Pastor would say "We had a good crowd" The votes were tallied and counted at our last meeting of the head board may 3rd 2010 and agreed upon as being accurate and true. This years voting process was a vote from our fans, friends and family to vote also, as well as adding new categories and those are Songwriter, Song, and Artist of the year. If you want a say in the voting process you need to attend monthly meetings going on within your county chapter or district.

This years award for "Group Of The Year" went to "The Reeves Family" 

This years award for "Duet Of The Year" Singing Evangelists

This years award for "Soloist Of The Year" Tim Ellison

This years award for "Best Male Vocalist" Chuck Gibson

This years award for "Best Female Vocalist" Jean Slife